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Ohio+Karma = Beam Me Up.

Its the end of your day and you’re pondering if you actually want to be social anymore. Do you head over to a student group hang out or do you go see some art on your own? If you’re me, you go see the art.

The art exhibit of the day – according to your ArtCal newsletter – is Andrew Gellatly & Hannah Hughes, See-through at Stonefox Gallery. You have to work to get to this gallery. Its on the 4th floor of building 611 on Broadway and there’s now way you’d know that from the street. Its a good thing you bother to write things down! When you get up there, you head for the wine as it suggests that you are a somewhat social being. Then you take a look at the artwork. Its a little frustrating that you spent all that time trying to find this exhibit, now that you take a look at the pieces. You read the press release, because you hope that illuminates something, but the only thing that sticks out is the adjective “dead pan.” This makes you think of your own film screening adventure: there’s a clear line between creative and bad, and you walked either side. So did this show. Sure, the artists are talented, but you can’t get it up for canvas wrapped in fabric or cut pieces of metal. You’re just wondering how these artists arrived at making this their art.

And thats when the wine kicks in just enough that you hear a person next to you remarking that they were born in Ohio. You turn, because as a girl from Ohio, its nice to hear those words. “Where in Ohio are you from?” the wine says, and you’ve now officially met Jon D’Orazio, artist and fellow Youngstowner. You talk about the show and you learn new things about your home town like that the DUMBO carousel is actually from the now closed Idora park. Jon tells you about the next open he’s going to and you plan on meeting him over there. You can’t pass up Chuck Close.

Arriving at Le Poisson Ruge at 158 Bleerker St, the address written on the back of Jon’s card, you realize that you’re not on the invited list and you’re not a member of the press. You pull out Jon’s card and say you’re meeting him and all the sudden you have a red wristband of unlimited hopes and dreams. You go down the steps and find that this is the bar/lounge that you’ve been looking for. Red walls scream sex like Lola’s thigh highs in the film Kinky Boots. And then there’s the second glance, the glance at the artwork. Oh my god, is this karma or what? It almost better you didn’t know what you were going to see,  because it couldn’t have been better. Its funny, its perfect and it was made for you: mixed media representations of still images from the original Star Trek tv series made out of (get this) pipecleaners. Anyone who ever knew you would know how you felt standing there looking at artist Devorah Sperber’s Starship Enterprise. You tell Jon about it and conversation rolls out at warp speed. They’ve got two unhappy looking kids up way past their bedtime playing Philip Glass in the cozy stage off the bar, the same stage where They Might be Giants and Hot Chip play in a few weeks and where Chuck Close himself had been before you got there. Servers are bringing food and that red wristband means free liquids of any sort. Pumpkin ale suits your taste. The night becomes a whirlwind of red walls, repetitious cords of Philip Glass and the desire to go touch those treky pipecleaners. You embrace your full inner geek and have the night of your life.

Uhura and Sulu (The game has rules)

"Uhura and Sulu (The game has rules)+