Film Recs

As a small girl with a quirky film addiction, I’d like to lend a hand to my fellow junkies on the never ending search for drug money… opps, I mean films. So help yourself to a spoonful to this medicinal prescription and feel free to suggest something too.

Juno – One of the more recent mainstream films that have actually impacted me.

Thumbsucker – If you’re in a docudrama mood, this one is worth while. Think The Squid and the Whale style.

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck – I would kill to get my hands on this Werner Herzog short documentary. Its unbelievable.

King of California – Michael Douglas does another twisted adventure film? Docudrama style, not so much Romancing the Stone.

Pans Labyrinth – I had the music stuck in my head the other day! Its a beautiful, sad, creative, twisted, historical amazement.

Kinky Boots – An absolute must for anyone with a competing transvestite film collection.

Mostly Martha – The original chef love story. Don’t buy into Catherine Zetta Jones.

Amelie – If you haven’t watched this, go get it now.

Orange Thief – Once meets Amelie set in Italy.

Delicatessen – Post-apocalyptic mime film involving butcher with a need for tenants.

Tuvalou – Another post-apocalyptic mime film, this time with dilapidated bath house.

Dark Side of the Heart – Ever want to date a prostitute who can fly?

L’Iceburg – House wife gets stuck in a freezer and becomes inspired to visit icebergs.

Im Juli – What, Mani from Lola Rennt as a math teacher? Dead guy in car?

Der Krieger und Die Kaiserin – Lola from Lola Rennt as psycho ward maiden in love with bank robbing thief. Watch out for the german version, it has a better ending.

Sonnenalle – Highschool East german kids dance their way past the wall. Hysterical.

Any Eddie Izzard Standup. – Badgers can’t be choosers, or can they?

Congorama – Slow sweet Belgian drama set in South Africa about electric cars and family

Big Fish – What, surely you’ve heard of this? Its the most mainstream film listed!

Stranger than Fiction – Okay, mainstream as well, but sheer genious.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch – Transvestite rock ballad.

Rocky Horror – Okay, more transvestite rock ballad.

Breakfast on Pluto – Alright, alright! The last transvestite rock ballad I’ll mention.

Who the **** is Jackson Pollock – Female Truck driver wants her 12 million.

This Film is Not Yet Rated – Film ratings board espionage.

Once – Must brag – saw the film debute in Galway. Glen told me about his CDs….good stuff.

Kontrol – Girl in Bunny suit and subway gaurds chasing murderer or maybe becoming one.

Bunty Aur Babli – Yes, I do have a soft spot for Bollywood does Bonny and Clide.


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