Ways to Vaction and Buy Art Cheaply

Dear Lisa Kirk.

Wow, you’ve solved my problems!


Invisible-Exports on Orchard St. on the Lower East Side is currently showing (maybe not the best word) Lisa Kirk’s House of Cards. Okay okay, let me get straight to the point. Lisa Kirk has built a shanty inside Invisible-Exports and is selling it as vacation house by the week for $200.00! And if you upgrade to the $600.oo price you get a piece of the shanty when its done being used as a vacation house. Yeah. I really didn’t know how to break it to you any better than that.

I had actually heard about this show from a girl in my art class who was slightly disdainful in her amusement. I’m total amusement on this one. I really should put out the $200.00 and buy a week vacation in the shanty. I want to know how rain-proof it is first and second where this naval base is that it’ll be reconstructed at. However, with those questions out of the way, I’m totally in. And for only $400.00 more I get my own piece of shanty life to take home with me after everyone else is done using it, I want that table! I’d put that my house! 1 week vacation plus art, this is the best deal yet.

But truly, I’m not even attempting to be sarcastic here. I’ m actually really buying in to this idea. Its creative fun way to get out a really meaningful message about the state of life we don’t see to want to recognize the rest of the world may live in. Great in intention, great in design. Absolutely fun experience, check it out!

Fancy a Shanty?

Fancy a Shanty?


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