1984 expressed with a lot of p’s

If I didn’t already write about how much I like 1984, then let me make mention of that now. Done.

Now imagine that you’re on your regular NYC walkabout, scouting for art, getting lost in the mix of Chinatown and the Lower East Side. You finally find a street with some small galleries. So you walk into one, mainly because there are pages of paper plastering the wall. (So many p’s in that sentence! Perfection!) Okay. Pages of plastered paper is a total attention grabber. So you look at the artwork that has been hung on the page covered wall and its relatively interesting. The best bits are the newspaper magazine collages of the page number 13. Its always 13 but I didn’t ask why. I’, sure you could though because the gallery owner and attendant is an absolute sweetheart. So in any case, as a library loving book reader, I just have to read what the pages say. I hold off until the third artwork into this massive ‘paragragh” of the pages. Then I can’t help it anymore but give in to the absolutely compelling desire that wants me to read those words. I only have to read four words of the sentence and I knew it all. Winston. Ministry of Peace. It was 1984 and it was all over the wall and excitement certainly can’t be contained when that happens. Don’t try, you’ll explode.

So I was ecstatically happy, so much so that the gallery owner ended up talking with me at length about it. This being why I think she’s sweet. And the artist, Gary Rough, collects the book 1984 (duh!) but less duh! he’s only able to receive them, he can’t actually buy them and he wants to collect 1,984 copies! I’m so in love with this man’s thought process, his apparent love for 1984 that if I had $4,500 to buy an installation of four copies of 1984 installed on my walls, I would do it! So here are the details if you want to experience that sort of page plastering pleasure for yourself.

Gary Rough, “I want to tell you” at Number 35 – for more info see: www.numberthirtyfive.com


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