Who writes for the British Museum?

So I’m researching away… (insert research noises) , working on this paper which has to do with the British Museum and I’m reading about the museum’s history. Fascinating really, in the kind of way that makes me wish plagiarism was legal.  And I come to this wonderful section:

“On his return to London in 1689 Sloane set up a successful medical practice at his home in No. 3 Bloomsbury Place – coincidentally just along the street from the present Museum building. He had a good bedside manner and accumulated wealthy and aristocratic patients, among them Queen Anne and Kings George I and II, but also participated in charitable work.”

Okay, have to interrupt before I quote the next paragraph of this website with a big WHAT?  I mean lets think about our check list on what makes a good paragraph… three sentences long as taught in grade school… nope. Now sentences in a paragraph should also relate in some way, right? Nope. And, who starts a sentence on a museum website with “He had a good bedside manner” and ends that sentence with “but also participated in charitable work.” I mean, I went hysterical over this but it also helps that I’m living off sugar and tea at the moment. So hold your horses as we get to the next paragraph….

“An innovative doctor, Sloane promoted inoculation against smallpox, the use of quinine (a treatment for malaria) and the health-giving properties of drinking chocolate mixed with milk. He became President of the College of Physicians in 1719 and in 1727 succeeded Sir Isaac Newton as President of the Royal Society.”

Again, another example of how a paragraph should not be written. I just crack up every time, even when I know what its going to say all.  As a hot chocolate addict, I just love how the benefits of drinking chocolate mixed with milk can be considered on par with the use of quinine or small pox vaccinations! Then as if this weren’t enough, the juxtaposition of the two sentences into this one ridiculous paragraph suggests that these discoveries (including hot chocolate) justify his position as the President of the College of Physicians!

Wow. Those whole two paragraphs just took it right out of me. Over excited there. Its almost, but not quite as excitable as I get when I get to pass my favorite church sign on the way home to Ohio. This past weekend’s trip resulted in the following message: “Jesus is God’s valentine to you.” Can’t wait for Easter to see if it tops last year’s “The Easter Bunny didn’t rise from the dead.”


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