On holidays or lack of them.

First, after receiving the Valentines Day issue of Time Out in the mail, I have decided to give up standard holidays. I know several people who have already made the move and seem perfectly content. In any case, I thought about waiting for Lent to give up holidays but as I don’t place any belief in religions or in the commercial nature of what has become the holiday, I decided I’d just do it now.

Now, I will continue to believe in gift giving and certainly gift receiving and may for convention’s sake hand out gifts when socially deemed appropriate, but I’ve decided to come up with my own holiday system. There will be one holiday per month and those days will be determined by random chance as picked out of a hat. Hold on a sec….

March 7th, April 3rd, May 12th, June 1st, July 13th, August 10th, September 15th, October 22cd, November 19th, December 21st.

If you don’t believe that I just cut up an old calendar, threw it in a mix bowl, mixed and selected the dates above – then you are totally ignorant of my capabilities. So congratulations to the new holidays! I will have to write you down in my date book!

Now for the details – holidays do not include birthdays – which are separate in nature and new holidays are picked upon the day of the last selected holiday. Though I could have set it up so you select the next holiday on the holiday as a holiday ritual, one should know about the holidays in advance so that they can plan for and around them. Vacations and the like. So enjoy your holiday!


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