In the Land of (r)Oz.

Dear WordPress, in my accessing of your site I was asked by an advertisement to consider the following:

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Now, while I appreciate the “tip” I would like you to consider the implied differences in the terms “small” and “lower” before computer generating site names that I might respond to. Lower? No thank you!

And now back to your regular programming.

Its been quite the day. So I thought I would record it. Spent the morning cleaning house, making waffles, listening to music and catching up on three papers worth of art show suggestions. Still haven’t read the Saturday Times. But eventually, I compiled my list and decided to hit up the Soho/Lower East Side area. It seems to be the place I generally end up on my adventuring.

With rules for adventuring in mind, the goal was to get to Broken Kilometer (which I had read as broken barometer), the Earth Room, Artist Space and several for-profit venues before heading over to the Brooklyn Museum for their First Saturday jam party. Not as in jelly or preserves.

And of course, I did accomplish these things with the randomness of roz that usually occurs. Deitch projects was hosting a show of works by Ben Jones which encompassed a lot of video installations voiced in that Strong Bad voice of my adolescence. A good all out show and I believe I caught a glimpse of Mr. Deitch himself, which was especially exciting!

Artist Space was hosting a Works on Paper sort of show and I brought my friend Chris to see it. The curatorial statement was long and I just couldn’t read it. In fact I was just so distracted that I had a hard time getting into the show. It didn’t capture me or keep me there, although I spent a long time organizing square inch tiles on an art installation table in the back gallery with Chris. Mini-curating!

Broken Barometer makes more sense as Broken Kilometer, so when I asked the lady at the desk why it was titled this, she looked at me like I was a total idiot. Really woman its because I don’t read. But Broken Kilometer is an installation at the Dia Foundation of bronze poles each 2 meters long spread in an organized and well thought out order as a linear progression through the large warehouse space. Its one of those things you just have to see. All the 2 meters pieces add up to (tada!) one kilometer. Hence Broken Barometer. Do people even use Barometers these days?

The Earth Room. Yes, this is exactly what it says it is. Its a Soho loft space that has been transformed into a room of earth. I was discussing this with the desk guy because I wanted to know if I could touch it. Its 3,600 square feet of white walled, hard wooded loft space that has approximately 2 feet of topsoil spread across it. It was the most dirt I’ve seen since I got to Manhight! I mean, New York City. It was so exciting that I just wanted to touch it – which I did. Crumpling it in my hands and putting it up to my face to actually smell the dirt. Unfortunately it didn’t smell like dirt at all. Which is entirely appropriate for a dirt installation in NYC where dirt really fails to exist in its natural form.

Walking around I went through several other galleries, finding ones that I had seen mentioned in my Soho listing. Most of them were okay, nothing particularly striking and I have the worst time remembering names so I’ll just forego the idea of reporting about them. Nothing too terribly special. They’re all waiting to gear up for March’s art fair madness.

At this point, in an attempt to save money on my metro card and acting on impulse and desire, I suggested to Chris that we walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. (ah, I have yet to find a new name for Brooklyn! is BKLYN too lame? yes.) So we do that and actually its beautiful out. 45 degrees but feeling like 80 compared to the cold winteriness of the last few nights. And the bridge isn’t that long either. I decided that I could walk it back and forth 3 times without being tired but only 1.5 times without being bored.

On the other side, Chris tells me of this pizza place that is the Brooklyn Bridge crossing pizza place. Grimaldi’s. The wait to get in can be hours. Ours is just an hour. We’ve stood outside watching the cue grow with ice cream cones in hand from the cute lighthouse creamery near by. Its like a cute date except that Chris knows better. So we finally get in and its actually alright. I mean, probably not worth waiting again, but worth it for the experience.

After which we head to the Brooklyn Museum. Thankfully they’re open til 11pm, its 9 at this point. I’ve never been and poor Chris doesn’t have a clue. Its like a total dance party inside! I feel slightly underdressed and awkward for being one of the few people looking at the collection rather than jamming to the dj (who was great!). The Egyptian collection here is great. Its so incredible in its aesthetic design elements that I really didn’t look at one piece of  Egyptian artwork. This could be problematic as the design upstages the art, but I’m not sure if everyone looks at exhibitions the way I do. I hope not. But sheerly amazing in design. Then of course theres the music, the random period rooms. And what? Those Fort Drum photographs that I saw at Light Work last year? What are those doing here?

Highlights from the museum include Hannah Willke’s 1976 video “Through the Large Glass” of a video of a woman striping in front of Duchamp’s Large Glass (eventually I want to put together a show of Duchamp inspired work); Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” – oh Lennie you would love the vulva imagery in this show!!!!!! I was totally English style analyzing it!!!!! ; then of course you’ve got Edwina Sandy’s “Marriage Bed” that’s half a bed of roses and half a bed of nails and Valerie Hegarty’s “Fallen Bierstadt” which is a crumpling painting about to fall off the wall. Clever. All of the work listed is clever hence the listing.

In the mean time I’m carrying around a large bag with a single sheet of paper rolled in it which I’ve purchased earlier on the adventure. Within the last two day’s I’ve had two new art ideas and one new curatorial idea. I’m actually putting one of the art ideas in motion starting today. Mainly because I ran out of milk. We’ll see how it goes before I really bother describing it. So this light but bulky bag which I’m trying not to dent is also traveling on the adventure and I thought I should mention in for mental imagery’s sake. Cheers mental imagery!

11 hits and we’re kicked out of the museum, as is the rest of this amazingly diverse population of better dressed individuals who can actually breakdance. Breakdancing with paper roll did not occur but descriptions of the amazing yoga poses I got into the prior day did occur! Email me for the details on that one. So its early and with a three glasses of wine in me, I’m ready for some beer. Although with a half of pizza, I’ve got no idea where I’ll put it.

The Brooklyn Museum is located in Park Slope – my home away from Hobokena, so Chris and I do some wandering and get to the Tea Lounge – which has live blues/jazz going on! Wow! I just found out that my favorite Beatbox guy played there a few days ago! Love this Beatbox guy, go to the Bellydancing jam outs just for him. The guys there tonight were great though and of course their name isn’t listed on the website! (shaking head).

In any case – great adventure tonight. Highly recommend all of the above from Brooklyn Museum’s first Saturday nights to the Tea Lounge and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Its all about getting out there. Or as Lowell said when I ran into him today: Pounding the Pavement. Hell yeah.


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