The Top 10

1. At 8 am today my fire alarm politely informed my burnt toast: “fire. fire.” in a sort of urgent yet endearing way.

2. Contemplating the boredom of grad school. Wasting time or not putting in the effort?

3. I love seriously frosted cupcakes. Seriously love. And love seriously.

4. I am slowly renaming the area to suit my needs. Definites: ABC town. The land of Hobokena. Possibilities: Manhight and maybe a Poserville.

5. Thursday 6:45 – 8 pm classes are putting a cramp into my art opening scene. What the heck exhibition design?

6.  Please note: it is all in the shoes. This is why I am still 12.

7. Wow. Still thinking about frosted cupcakes. For some reason, it does not come as a surprise.

8. Yoga mats are made for using. Now if I could find it in my closet….

9. Chinese food twice a week is a treat.

10. Repeat after me: “Living in a 55 degree ‘room’-temperature apartment can be fun!”


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