what? arted out?

Okay- in this post I shall try not to attempt to talk about Agatha Christie. So let me first get this out of the way. ITV 3 is dedicated to all things Agatha Christie. They should just rename the station. For the last three days I’ve expected and found Agatha Christie 2 hr long film specials on with 15 min. commentary prior or hour long special features afterward. Today I did a bit more research…not only does Agatha Christie run at 8 and again at 10, but it also runs before and after that as well. I didn’t scroll through the whole day’s worth of tv to find out how extensive this marathon is or find out if its solely a special thing and I just happen to be catching the best of it. Nope, instead I checked out what the 7 pm Agatha would be for the day and low and behold…. begin to shake your head at me now….I had already seen it. I know. Shake head more, it’ll make you feel better. Its making me feel better. Lord Edgewater Dies or something like that. Its a great one and I know this thanks to the delightful little Hobokeny library. So yes. addicted. However, the 9 pm one I haven’t seen. So score! With that out of the way, I can now begin to talk about other non-Agatha things. Promise.

So let me fill in the details on those past adventures in case anyone out there ever needs some London advice.

Dennis Severs House: This was a run down home that some American (being named Dennis Severs) bought and decided to restore to a 17th – 18th century home. So that he could live in it and have chamber pots to scare away unwanted relatives. These chamber pots still exist. The whole house is quite cool, its like participating in performance art because its absolutely over the top out there. Even by my standards and frankly I feel I’m rather accepting…. So you can’t talk on your way through, all the food is real (I asked of course) and since the guy died his friends have taken over running it. Eccentric man’s friends who are keeping up his Georgian lifestyle habits… now I say, Watson! But in all honesty, one of the coolest places I’ve been.

Soane Museum: Okay, another house museum this time its preserved rather than restored. Here’s a guy who came from nothing, got himself a wife who got herself a rich uncle and there you have it. One rich husband. The guys an architect and he wants his sons to be architects too and take over his art collection and the periodic rebuilding of his home. Soane continually just buys the building next to his so he can knock one down and rebuild it. Anyway- all but one of his sons die and this son is freaking crazy! Marries some girl his dad won’t like and then has a family with her sister as well, writes scandalous things about his dad in the paper which ends up causing his mother to get sick and die, then after his dad dies he tries to get into the will…. and I thought some of my ex-boyfriend’s families were bad! But the home is ridiculous! Theres a mummy in the basement a Greccian sculpture court off the bedroom, a whole room of Holsteins that are actually panels folding out of the walls. If I use the term ridiculous once more, someone should kill me, but really!

St Martin in the Fields: If you’re looking for free and who isn’t? check this place out. St. Martin in the Fields is a church that in off-times hosts musical performances. The afternoon ones are donation based! So the other day I sat in on some amazing violin and piano. Next Monday they’re doing a Beatles related program. Again, as free as you’d like it to be! In the crypt of the museum is the cafe. Fancy eating with the dead? I do!

National Gallery: Okay, so I’m not a lover of all things art, I admit. Medieval, Renaissance, Classical – for some reason it just doesnt do it for me. However, I’m recommending the National Gallery anyway because the one thing I really get a kick out of when I do look at this style of work is the amazing deformed virgin and child portraits. I know, its so bad. But I just can’t help be amused by these sorts of portraits. Some of them are just terrible. Out of perportion, eyes in strange position, baby falling. And this is good art, of course. On the other hand, seeing some Vermeers, Van Eykes and other Dutch wonders – now that is amazing. Gotta love those guys, they just get it. The physique, the light, the depth, the perspective. Nobody makes art like that nowadays.

Science Museum: What is the Apollo 11 space craft doing in the British science museum? Thinking about UK’s space travel history, you can figure it out. I didn’t have much time here as it was closing and I was being sought after by Bomarang boy in the gift shop, but I did get to see some things. Its not your hands-ony science museum that I prefer. I love COSI for that matter, if you speak columbus talk. But the British Science Museum had a very British take – it was a survey of science related things that had been collected and displayed. So, alright. Glad it was free. They of course only charge for the cool things like the Japanese Car exhibit – a tiny car exhibit that smallgirls can appreciate. Didn’t see it to say the least.

Serpantine Gallery: Neat Gallery in the middle of Hyde Park, on exhibit was Indian Highway, a really good show for me to see with my Indian background and all…. Actually, very well done with an array of mediums and some neat exhibit techniques. It was fun to see things that I recognized but knew other people wouldn’t get like the little metal indian lunchboxes or the ll o sign which sybolizes the end of a sentence. So, overall worth the trip!

There is absolutley a ton more cultural things that I could rant on about but I’m going to save it! and save your ears. However, expect an ode to Rothko in a bit and expose on the brilliance of markets. I can just hear the excitement building.


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