The Underground London Update

Whoohoo, in London! Yay for that! I’m laughing at myself here in a tv room on a random floor of the building where I’m staying. I’ve found out that Agatha Christie’s Hurcule Periot comes on twice a day and well, I’m addicted. You know, I should be out drinking and eating fish and chips. Instead, I’ve got cranberry tea, a bunch of letters to post, a hot computer in my lap and little gray cells on the telly. With something beeping for that matter every few minutes – to the second – I’ve timed it.

So here we go- the London experience aka the London Love List:

1. Agatha Christie on TV, random British boy and US girl hanging out watching. British boy knows the characters by name! Where else would you find that but in this country?

2. The Tube. Sadly, I don’t know where I’d be without mass transit anymore and I heart their art program: Platform for Art. And to contradict myself, I bought my car a Mind the Gap sticker. I heart my car too and walking. For that matter, yay travel.

3. Grant! Yes, I’ve crossed off one of the largest things on my list. Swing Space residency here I come!

4. Classes. Having been rather disappointed with courses last semester, I’ve finally got readings that require some level of critical thought! How badly did I miss education!

5. Field trips.¬† Dennis Severs house, Soane Museum, Platform for Art, Serpantine Gallery – haven’t had a bad course field trip yet! I’m going second my own yay education statement!

6. Being me. Semi-socially graceless, with purpose and yet directionless, cheap and loving the challenge, exploring or doing exactly what I want.


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