The Blood Sucking Fiends!

Typically, I’d be punning the word bloody with my current location in London, where the term bloody is a common adjective. However, let me surprise you even more so. The subject of this post has nothing to do with London at all, except for the fact that it is indeed a book that I have with me in London and had finished before arriving in London. If you’ve read my recent (relatively speaking) post which declares “You Suck” than you should find no trouble in bloody well reading this post.

Now to the post.

Blood Sucking Fiends is the Christopher Moore novel which you should read prior to You Suck. Now if you’re me. You find this out afterward.  In that case, I suck. In Blood Sucking Fiends, we find out how Jody became the sexy redheaded vampire without crooked toes or who the heck Elijah is and why there are undead turning to mist. Catch on to references of cheerleader costumes, bronzed turtles, the Tenderloin, etc. Its of course a quick read, interrupting my already interrupted read of Tom Robbins Jitterbug Perfume. Unfortunately libraries aren’t universal in nature so that my books can be taken out and returned to different places or different states, countries or parallel universes. So I’m left halfway through Tom Robbins (not to be confused with Tom Robbins of the Village Voice – which I cleared up when writing the last gallery press release) and will have to track it down and start again.

Ah well. Now with all this drawn out anticipation… go ahead, get on with it, go get your copy!


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