Get off your ass and put up your art.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found it to be hard to hang artwork. Now I don’t mean physically putting up the stuff. I’m small but I’m not that small. Give me some credit…

What I mean can be exemplified in my last few months of existence for a half hung home is no home at all. Coming back to the city after Thanksgiving, I was resolute to make this place a home for me. I had been enough of a horrible art-mama, how can one leave art they love to linger leaning against a wall for so long? It was time to make some holes in these walls!

Let me premise that its difficult to layout artwork when you’re so close to it. I love each piece I own and how can you give each all that it needs? As mentioned, half the pieces have been up since October. These pieces have a solid working relationship. They just fit. The other half have been fending for themselves among the dust bunnies in my hallway and bedroom. Now I don’t mean to say I love those pieces less but what I do mean is that its emotionally harder for me to find the relationship for them to fit into. The word perfectionist should not be coming to mind now.

Taking a step back, there had to be a decision and it was clear: who gives a damn about holes? If a layout doesn’t work, change it later. In one space, up to four pieces were being considered. And in the hallway, it was all about height of the artwork and the flow of the blue. I’m a sucker for blue. The last piece I have to hang is just sheer perfection of blue. I keep it wrapped up so each time I look at it I can get lost in it.

This brings me to another concern, what if you stop looking at your artwork? To prevent this, I suggest setting it on the ground for a while in a safe, visible spot. If you are as connected to your art as I am, you’ll find yourself incredibly sad every time you walk past and its not on the wall. This makes you look at. Second. Good lighting. And if all else fails, switch it up. Now I, too, want to be able to see all my art at one point in time. I don’t like putting things away. So to avoid this, I’m recommending a swap. Maybe a Swatt too, but you’d have to ask him about that.

In any case, I’m art happy. Art creates homes. And for that matter, so does carrot cake. Now for that cream cheese frosting.


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