Anyone for Jonafan?

Jonafan=Jonathan. As in Jonathan Safran Foer. So cheers to a post dedicated to my recent read/view.

I’ve had my eye out for the film Everythings Illuminated for some time. Just something that kept its place in the back of my head. However, last weekend at Thanksgiving, it came forefront. Visiting my lovely Ohioan library, I picked up the film. It wasn’t until I popped it into the machine that I realized that the film was about Jonathan. And in fact, it was about to become a Jonathan weekend.

Now concurrently, I had been reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – tada! another Jonathan book. He only has two, how lucky must I be? So in short, this weekend I learned about the Holocaust. If you don’t need to hear more about that experience, stop reading.

Having not read the book version of Everything Illuminated, I can’t really give a good review of the book. The film, as a film in its own right, was rather good. Tastefully done, great camera work. Love that car and love love those colors. It was beautiful in a odd/funny but tragic way. In fact, it was one of the better Holocaust films I’ve seen. Usually I squirm through them. But this one was captivating with excellent acting on all parts. Just whimsical and sad. Somehow I always find that a beautiful combination. Anyway. Without being overly didactic or attached the film set about revealing the interconnections of two families in the time of the Holocaust. Without spoiling the plot or ruining the quirkiness of the film, its hard to say more. But what I want to say is: yes.

Jonathan’s second book – which I had brought on the train with me – yes train. long story- paired the Holocaust with another, you name it, terribly tragedy – 9/11. Jonathan, how could you put pictures in? From the point of view of a most strange (and that’s coming from my perspective) little kid, one gains insight as to the effects of 9/11 within a family directly connected to the event. Now. In alternating chapters, readers explore yet another world. Maybe I’m not a successful reader but it took me a little while to see how this book was coming together:   strange kid mildly entertaining in own right as readers try to find plot; alternative narrator with similar strangeness readers still trying to find plot; readers are confused whether this is one plot; readers establish that small child is connected to 9/11 plot; readers struggle to figure out how this plot connects with Europe; readers make breakthrough about Holocaust; readers give imaginary nods to Jonathan for his double plot line comparison; yet, readers still trying to figure out how two plots are connected if they are connected; everything is illuminated; everything is not illuminated.

Yes. Again, yes. That believe it or not, was the only way possible to describe the work I finished earlier this week. Heavy week. Heavy Boots. Heavy, heavy boots? I hadn’t intended to spend my Thanksgiving weekend with so much Holocaust based entertainment. However, it was rather illuminating in topic and incredibly interesting  in design. With Jonathan back to back though, I’ve already selected a humorous light hearted next read. Garrison Keller coming up next.


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