You Suck, did you get that?

That’s right. You suck if you haven’t read You Suck. Okay, okay. I’m on a Christopher Moore kick, ahem, addiction….that aside, if you’re a reader like myself who digs a good fantasy novel get on this one!

In the last few years the fantasy generation has been expanding at a rate that I would wager is actually faster than the red/blue universe expansion rate. This has its ups and downs of course. For me, a sci-fi/fantasy (small) girl, there was a general yay for all of those teen novels focusing on vampires, time travel, princesses, goblins, etc. You know the type. However, after several years of this and I have to say the big time fantasy showdown hit long after I had crossed the bridge to more developed novels, like reading Lord of the Rings in middle school, I have to wonder about the amount of trash fantasy out there. Its like sifting through a junk yard looking for the perfect piece.

But if you’re an expert at this…. having read Harry Potter, Abarat, The Blue Sword, Abhorsen, Twilight, Artemis Fowl, Eragon, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Series of Unfortunate Events, Chronicles of Narnia etc…. And I admit that some of these are past my prime and my sister here is taking out her book list. She’s studying to be a librarian – a sci-fi librarian – so I can clearly reference her opinion in this, you really should read


Let me just highlight some of the novel:

You suck, you killed me!

I’m hungry and someone stole my giant cat.

Haven’t you always wanted to bone a smurf?

If this has spoiled the plot, then I applaud your amazing imagination and use of creative plot techniques!


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