The Update

Small Girl is still in Big City. She just hasn’t updated/uploaded/uplifted in a while. But here it is, all for your viewing/reading/scanning pleasure.

The Chelsea Art scene has been depressing me. After posts of this and that, museum shows and galleries, I can’t get it on anymore for the area of town known as Chelsea. After weeks of art and booze, going to galleries just hasn’t gotten me excited. On the other hand, Brooklyn has been really coming through for me. Spent several lovely days wandering around Williamsburg and a side trip to Bushwick yesterday. Brooklyn is the hot spot, but everyone already knew that. High recommendations for Like the Spice, Pirogi, Buffalo, Ad Hoc. All those places that you see advertised but you just don’t want to dawn the skinny pants to go there.

Suck it up and do it my friend. Hop on that L.

In other news, while you’re over there go to the Surf Bar. If you’re missing the beach, you’ll find yourself at home in the sand floor and the sangria haven. Its absolute all-out establishment and there’s now way a person couldn’t have a good time. And get dessert, you’ll be glad someone made you order it.


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