The Fountainhead

I have to mention that I just finished reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. It was an absolutely amazing book that lived up to every mention of it that I’d heard. Every positive one that is. I know that I cannot describe the book in any way that will do it justice but I will try though I know I will fail.

Main character of the book is Howard Rourke. He’s wonderful, determined, doesn’t give a damn about anyone. His only goal is to build buildings with all his heart for his own pleasure. Few people understand him. His journey is difficult and he takes pleasure in the pain.

Dominque Francon who is the main female character. Every bit Rourke’s equal hates him because she loves him. Hates anyone who can master her. Its a beautiful, hateful, painful, masochistic love. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Its about struggle and human society. How the one who creates the first is always the one who, instead of being thanked for his creation, is destroyed by the ungrateful receivers of a new thing. Something that they can barely understand.

The language is direct, it is simply, it is crisp. Its like leaves crackling under your feet.

I bough the book on the 27th. I read the first 25 pages and didn’t read it for the next 4 days while I hung out with Courtney. After that I brought it everywhere with me, at first just to fit in on the subway and then because I wanted it. And it would get to these intense moments in the novel where I had to stop because it was too good to keep reading and I needed to deserve to read those next words. I’d do homework, I’d read homework. Actually I would write one line and I’d pick up the book and keep reading. It was wonderfully compelling but I’ve always take such delight in reading 600+ page works. If a person can write that long and remain interesting, can you imagine what they’ve written? Beautiful, simple, honest, painful and pleasing. Go read it or I’ll end up mailing you my copy and asking for it back in the future.


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