Briefly On Art

I was asked to attend the annual SU senior art history majors’ trip down to NYC as an alumni of the program and also to represent going on to get your MA. I was able to sit next to Chris. Note to self: I was suppose to call him and didn’t, do so, also call relater. Chris and I had classes together years ago, he was two years ahead of me but we must have had at least 4 classes together during those 4 years. I had mentioned to him that I had been overwhelmed by the Chelsea art openings on Thursday night. I felt much better when he assured me that that was the craziest night of the whole year…. and I thought it had been normal for NYC. I’m glad its not, frankly. There were more openings that I could have gone to on Sunday, but I ended up staying home and reading. If you read the next post, you’ll understand that. Chris may also have a job for me and that would be amazing.

In other art news, today was the first day at my internship. It began by me getting lost. Finding out that my supervisor was going to a meeting. Killing an hour and a half watching bicycle polo and having a very good male poloist chat me up. Then I actually went to White Box. I would say, “went to work” but I didn’t really. It was disappointing. That could have something to do with my high expectations of myself, the people around me and the places that I work for. Or it could be because all the staff is rather new, they just switched locations and they don’t have a real office yet. Out of the 6 hours of time that I was there I did 1 hour of real work. What I did was research belly dancers.

They picked the right girl to research belly dancers and frankly it was my idea to do it. White Box is hosting a big fund-raising dinner (sound familiar?) for their Iraqi photographer that I’ve mentioned prior. So their dinner is all about Iraqi food, music and other entertainment. As a fan of belly dancing, one who has been getting weekly press releases about the NYC belly dancing scene for the last two years although I didn’t live here at the time, I knew what I would have wanted at that dinner. So I looked up local belly dancers and compiled an email listing of them, then used a prior press release or two in order to write up a “please donate your time, talent and belly to us” statement.

What I had hoped from my internship was that the place would be organized. That I would have a ready task set before me and the training and means to be able to complete that task. My tasks are not the ones I’m use to and I suppose thats why I’m interning. Researching, soliciting donations, writing press material. These are not the things I feel comfortable with. And while I thought, how much easier would it have been if I had worked on the database for the artist studio, I surprisingly think I made the right choice. I don’t think I’m looking forward to going back tomorrow. Especially as there will be no computers. But we’ll see how it turns out.


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